Speed Dating Chicago Tips

Speed Dating Chicago Speed dating is becoming such as fad as speed dating events are quite fun. You get to talk and date several people in one night and possibly end up with a good match that you will not be able to meet in the normal course of your social life. Chicago is one of the many bustling and busy metropolitan places where speed dating occurs regularly. Speed dating Chicago events happen in various lounges and clubs in downtown Chicago, and are offered by nearly every dating service in Chicago. If you are new to speed dating, here are a few tips on how to prepare for it.

With the aim of meeting as many people as possible in one evening, speed dates usually last for three to ten minutes. In that few short minutes, there is that chance to meet the person who will be your long time partner. Keeping that in mind, you should always prepare for that eventuality by preparing the right questions to ask as well as the answers to these questions. When attending a speed dating Chicago event, prepare a very concise biography to highlight the positive points of your personality.

Remember that a speed dating Chicago event is supposed to be a relaxed and fun event. However, you still have to keep in mind that first impression lasts so you have to be ready to have a fantastic evening out with friends. Dress to look great, meaning to impress but not to be seductive or too casual.

Show an honest and friendly face and wear a smile while meeting people. This will help you and the person you are meeting to feel more comfortable and at ease. Practice some good opening lines to break the ice and learn to keep the conversation flowing.

After attending a speed dating Chicago event and you have agreed to go on a date, be sure to take care of your personal security. The need for security makes Chicago speed dating very different from online speed dating. If possible go on a group date. If that is not possible arrange to meet in a public place. Let your family or a close friend know where you are going, the name of the person you are meeting and carry a fully-charged cell phone with you.