Online Speed Dating

Online Speed Dating What in the world is online speed dating? Like most things in the world, dating has evolved through human history. Rituals of courtship have disappeared entirely into what the modern world now calls “casual dating” or “seeing people”. In recent years, the dating game has changed even more. The adventure of love and romance are no longer limited to the familiar story of Man Meets Woman, Man Asks Woman Out.

There are things called “blind dates”, dating services, matchmaking sites and speed dating. Now, there’s a new development: speed dating online. But what in the world is it?

Speed dating online is basically like a regular speed date. The same rules apply. The participant gets to meet and talk to a number of single men or women for a few minutes and takes note of those who strikes his/her fancy. After the speed date, they can exchange information.

The main difference of having a speed date online is, of course, the fact that everything is done via the internet. One doesn’t have to dress to impress or even leave the confines of one’s house. What are the advantages of this set up? Speed dating online is advantageous especially for people who tend to be shy or nervous when meeting new people. Since one is in a more controlled environment, it feels less overwhelming. Also, it is good for people who are newbies to speed dating. It can serve as a sort of “practice ground”.

But these online speed dates aren’t strictly for those among us who are rather shy around new people. Did you know that a majority of working professionals, especially those who work almost all day long, also turn to these speed dates in the hopes of finding the right person for them? After all, it is very convenient to do given the fact that they need not even leave their offices in order to enjoy a chat with a potential date. Besides the people involved would be able to get to know each other better since their conversations are a lot more private.

In this fast-paced world, the internet has offered us a variety of conveniences that we ought to take full advantage of. Some people may think of online speed dates as something taboo and shallow but at the end of the day, if there’s real connection between two people then it doesn’t really matter how or where they met. Speed dating online is, perhaps, one of the best things to come about because of the internet. With all the success stories being shared online, there is no doubt that even relationships formed via the internet can work just as well as the traditional ones. Speed dating in Chicago is an increasingly popular trend today.

Finally, speed dating online may be the safer option for those who are worried about their security. There are no personal meetings involved in an online speed date - the people involved don’t even have to tell each other what city they’re from if they don’t want to. They can remain anonymous for as long as they want.