Dating Chicago: What Every Single Should Know About the Chicago Dating Scene

Dating Chicago New to the wonderful world of Dating Chicago? Want to know all about the ins and outs of the Chicago dating? Tired of being single and oh-so-ready to mingle? Read on and find out all important details one needs to know about the local dating scene in Chicago: from “traditional” dating to online dating and more!

First of all, one should be glad to know that dating in Chicago is relatively easy compared to other cities, namely New York. People in Chicago are known to be friendlier, more laidback and generally more welcoming to newcomers. Plus, because of the Windy City’s boom in business and industry in recent years, a lot of big companies have opened in Chicago of late.

What’s the significance of all this to the single girl or guy? Simple. Business means jobs. Jobs mean the need for employees. Employees mean people coming from all over the continent. This, in turn, means a bigger dating pool for singles! In fact, statistics have it that Chicago ranks as one of the highest when it comes to cities with a great number of young professionals. So, surely, it’s not going to be that hard for a single person to find a date in Chicago! So how to get started?

Going on a blind date is one of the easiest ways to meet new people. A friend sets up a friend with another friend Hand everything is set. The important thing, after all, is to expand one’s network.

But if blind dates sound too boring and tiresome, it would be good for one to know that dating sites in Chicago have also been very popular of late. Gone are the days when online dating was something reserved for the desperate. In fact, just this year, the University of Chicago actually opened a new dating site for their students, called UChicago Hookups. This makes it easier for the students to get to know each other - whether they’re looking for love or just a study buddy. This is just an example of the many networking sites catering to people in the Chicago area.

Not too sold about online dating Chicago? Another fun way is to try Speed dating Chicago. Don’t worry about it being awkward. A lot of speed dating programs nowadays offer almost foolproof ways to meet someone new. One can pick a category that interests you like, say, Books or Sports. This way singles can be sure you have something in common with the people they meet. And hey, even if one doesn’t meet “The One” on a speed date, one is guaranteed to have lots of fun!

Chicago dating does not have to be dull or painful, especially for a newbie in the local dating scene. Who says that being single means whiling away Friday nights wasting away in one’s apartment or watching endless TV? The key is really to open oneself up to the new people and new experiences one is bound to have. So, get off that computer chair and hit the streets! Step out into the sunlight! Who knows? This just might be the lucky day to meet the Mister or Miss Perfect.