Speed Dating Chicago

Speed Dating ChicagoSpeed dating in Chicago is quick, lasting from three to eight minutes. Chicago is a bustling metropolis, the third most populous city in the United States. It is a hub for infrastructure, industry and telecommunications. The busy city has a lot of social and entertainment activities to offer upward moving singles, including speed dating Chicago events. Let us take a look at some of the popular speed dating Chicago sites.


The company organizes eight to nine speed dating Chicago events every month. It does not provide a schedule of the dating events. Attendance to any of the speed dating event, set up in downtown Chicago Lounges, is by invitation only, making it more personalized according to the member’s preference. A member is not required to pay a membership fee and will only be charged for the events attended.


Male members of the LockandKeyEvents are given a key while the female members are issued a lock. During a speed dating Chicago event, the members will have about two to three matches for each piece of key and lock. And the key or lock can be turned in once a match is found and they qualify to a raffle draw.


DateandDash holds speed dating Chicago events give members more chances to meet more people during an event. Members can meet and talk with other members for three to eight minutes and before moving on to the next. Members hold a scorecard and are told to place their yes or no choice on the card. They go online at the end of the event to give their scores.


HurryDate hosts organized fun parties in bars around Chicago. The speed dating Chicago events allow members to meet and date up to 15 people in one evening. Each member is given an ID number and a scorecard. There is a time limit for each date and the moderator blows a whistle to end the date and for members to rotate. The member places a yes or no on the scorecard and enters the votes on the company’s website after the event. The computer matches the member to the person who is interested and they have the choice to continue their communication using the company’s secure email system.